Little Wooden Beatles



Hello!Today I’m trying to come up with the perfect birthday gift for the world’s biggest (tiniest?) Beatles’ fan- my soon to be 6 year old daughter.   Both of my daughters are huge Beatles’ fans actually.  It all started with my mom, child of the 60’s, who to this day, still semi-jokes that Paul McCartney was almost my father.  I grew up listening to them and now my kids are too- Beatlemania is part of our DNA now.  My daughters’ obsession started after my mom’s last birthday.   Every year my mom likes us to play the Beatles’ birthday song.  We found a YouTube version featuring some INSANE animation that my kids instantly loved.  From there, they learned every lyric to every song ever, and can tell you what album most of the songs come from.  Throughout my house I would hear a tiny voice shout “I am the Eggman!!”, and then an even tinier voice would shout the appropriate response, “Whoooooo!”. 

So what should I get her for her birthday? What else could I get her- this chick needs some Beatles stuff.  I decided to hop online- Beatles are legends, how hard could it be to find something for her.  Turns out its not 1968 anymore.  All of the cooler, legit Beatles’ stuff was now “collector’s items” worth a whole lot more than the money I had in my pocket.  But hey! You know what?  I’m kinda crafty!  I have a brain, and two hands, and can even make them work together in harmony sometimes!  I can figure this out.  I turned to Pinterest for some inspiration, but was quickly met with an onslaught of the most adorable crochet projects you could imagine.  Unfortunately for me, the only thing I can do with yarn is roll it into a ball for my mom, who can make stuff like this:


As I struggled to stay afloat on a sea of ideas, I kept coming back to this nagging thought that I should make little wooden Beatles guys for her.  I love the crazy colors of the Yellow Submarine era Beatles, so they were my inspiration.  I started out making sketches of the fab 4, until I finally had the drawings how I liked.  I cut them out and traced the paper dolls onto some scrap wood.  I used a jig saw to cut them out- yes, in spite of my complete lack of grace, someone still thought I should own a power tool.   And, as a true testament to my woodworking skills, I only accidentally decapitated one wooden guy once!  Gluing the head back on proved fruitless, so I sucked it up and made a new one. 

Using a pencil, I roughed out their features and details on their clothes.  Then I used a teeny tiny detail brush and some craft paint to paint them up.  In my head, I imagined them standing perfectly on their own two feet, but in reality, the weight of their giant heads made them so top heavy they just toppled over.  All. The. Time.  So again, sucking it up, I made little pedestals out of scrap wood and glued them on.  After all, what better place is there to put a Beatle besides a pedestal?  So here they are again finished:


Are they perfect? No.  Would they sell for loads of money on eBay? Probably not.  But do they make me smile? Yes.  And most importantly, they made my kid smile too, so I’ll call it good.

See you later!






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