Thrift Store Bowl-and-Saucer Bird Feeders


Let’s talk about birds!!! Or more specifically- things that feed them.  I want to make a bird feeder for my yard.  Not to throw a wrench into our post so soon, but I feel at this point, it’s necessary to introduce you to the alpha dog in our family: my cat Uma.  Yes, that’s right- out of two grown adults, two kids, a big dog, and another cat, Uma is our unquestionable alpha.  She does helpful things like opening the bathroom door when someone is inside because she deserves to know what we are up to.   She also sits at the end of the hallway to trap our poor, terrified dog in a room until I have to step in and scoop up the scratchy, hissy fur ball, who is always furious with me for having the gall to pick her up in the first place.  Our sweet, hippie, beta dog has given her a false sense of awesomeness I’m afraid.  Next door are three giant dogs, one an ACTUAL alpha.  They start barking at her, so she goes running at the fence hissing and spitting, completely unaware that the fence is the only thing standing in the way of her becoming a delightful little Scooby snack.

Tormenting the dog can really wear a cat out.

Why would I keep this crazy alpha cat?? She can be so sweet!  I’ll wake up to her curled up on my belly/chest, totally not trying to smother me in my sleep.  But what does this sordid tale of a jerk cat with an over inflated ego have to do with today’s project?  Like a Shakespearean tragedy, I love birds and Uma loves to eat them.  So when making this bird feeder, we want to give them a safe place up high to come get bird seed and perhaps a drink or two, without Uma turning the scene into something out of National Geographic.

Uma likes to be up high, so she can lord over us better.

As you see Uma climbs trees, so I can’t just hang something from a tree.  I have some thick branches we have from a dead tree we cut down, and some old metal fence posts in my yard from when we tore down my mom’s chain link fence.  They’ve been sitting there for at least a year, but I knew they’d come in handy one day.  Fence posts and branches:  you’re now bird feeder posts.  Congratulations.   I need the feeders to be up high- but I still have to be able to reach them, so I I used a hacksaw to cut the metal posts down a bit, being super careful of the sharp edges.   I spray painted them a black-metallic color, using a paint compatible with the materials.  Now for the actual bird feeders, I’ve seen those cute tea cup-saucer combos all over Pinterest.  I love the idea of upcycling items while adding a touch of whimsy to my yard.    I can’t dive into my own collection of mismatched mugs and saucers- I use them for coffee, plus my saucers are disappointingly boring.  So I went to pop some tags at Good Will, and lucky me- I found these super vibrant bowl-saucer pairs, all for about $6.

Wonderful!  We have all these great separate pieces, scattered all over the lawn.  Lets glue those suckers together!  I chose J-B Weld’s Steel Reinforced Epoxy.  Super hard core glue, also super easy to use, but you could probably use any epoxy glue that adheres to metal and ceramic.  First, I glued the bottom of the bowls to the saucers and let those dry overnight.  Next, I glued the saucers to the posts and done!  Bird feeders that hopefully will keep the birds safely out of Uma’s reach….I think… I’ll keep you posted.


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