Easy-Peasy Sparkly Polymer Clay Shamrock Earrings


feo inventory shiny shamrocksHello everyone!  Now, you might want to sit down when I tell you this, but I love holidays- especially the greenest, pinchiest, luckiest, holiday of them all- St. Patrick’s Day!!!  This year, I decided I wanted to make shamrock earrings to celebrate.  And, because I am the most expert of all the planners, I waited until the very last possible minute to make them.  But have no fear!  They are super simple to make. 

First, break off a piece of polymer clay.  Yes! A Lump!  We have made a lump!  I am nailing this tutorial thing, don’t you think?

If you can make a lump,  you can make a ball.

And if you can make a ball, I know you can gently roll on one side to make tear drops (no matter how depressing they are).

feo blog shamrock tear dropfeo blog shamrock two red tear drops

feo blog shamrock red heart






The good news is, If you can make tear drops, you can make a heart. Flip two tear drops upside down and smoosh them together.

And finally, if you can make hearts, you can make shamrocks!!!!

To make them sparkly, I coated them with a thin coat of glaze, then rolled them in a fine glittler.  When it dried, I covered them with more glaze.

Yes!  Look who isn’t going to get pinched at work.  😉

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

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